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We review your website to provide a personalized report outlining any problems we see and ideas for improvement.

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Website Report Checklist, Reviewed, Consulting
PDF Website Reviewed Report, What's Wrong

Custom Report

Your actionable report is written by a web developer with experience working on hundreds of sites. It’s broken down into categories including design, SEO, & usability.

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Quick Turnaround

We know that having your site reviewed can be time sensitive. You may be shopping around for a redesign, entering into a discovery process, or planning an upgrade.

Website Report Checklist, Reviewed, Consulting
No BS, Improve Your Site

Straight, No Chaser

Do you want the honest truth about your website— what is frustrating, what looks bad? We’ll always provide recommendations, while trying to be humorous about it.

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Improve Your Business

Whether a full overhaul or small tweaks are needed, you may be losing out on business. There can be flaws that are easy to fix, that no one has noticed or mentioned.

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    A one to three page report containing a list of major issues and concerns about your website (PDF).

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What’s in the Report?

When reviewing your site, we’re looking at all aspects of the user experience. Am I missing information that I’d be looking for as a visitor? Does the design look dated, giving me a feeling that the site is not trustworthy? Are there errors on the page? Is certain functionality hard to use? Is it usable on phones? And many other important questions.

The report is not automated or filled with fluff or technical jargon to try and sell you services. Our only agenda is to help give you a plan to improve your website by helping you to find the big issues.

We live and breathe websites and know what to look for. Some categories that are part of our investigation include:

  • Design and visuals
  • Functionality and user interface
  • Search engine optimization
  • Technical issues, code, and speed
  • Support for different screen sizes
  • Messaging and content

Your report will include a list of our findings in areas such as these. For some items, screenshots may be included.

Money-back Guarantee

There’s nothing wrong with your website? Nothing at all? Try us! If your website is somehow perfect and we cannot find anything to include in our report, then we will refund 100% of your purchase.